Recognised Expertise

From product design to acquiring management portfolios

Today, we create, design, deploy and acquire insurance portfolios in a highly diverse range of business sectors:

  • Insurance companies and health insurance providers
  • Personal care coverage
  • Brokers, wholesale brokers
  • National and regional banks
  • Major retailers
  • Associations

Our Commercial department and Insurance Partners department rely on the knowledge and skills of Cbp’s expert teams, such as the Technology and Digital Services, Actuarial, Auditing and Marketing departments.

The synergies between these partner teams and Cbp’s project teams allow us to provide personalised and highly-competitive support services.

As an expert in loan protection insurance, we use a global approach to insuring lenders. Our methodology combines market expertise and agile design methods. In this way, we are able to prescribe personalised solutions that may be easily industrialised, with a highly-competitive time to market*.


*time frame for the launch of a product or service on the market


Advising our clients, being able to adapt rapidly, creating innovative products, acquiring management portfolios already on the market while minimising the impact on policyholders: these are the challenges that drive us every day.


We have developed dedicated tools for the acquisition of vast portfolios, all while maintaining:

  • confidentiality,
  • security and quality standards,
  • real time business navigation.

Cbp is recognised for its expertise in project management and externalised management processing solutions.