Personal Protection Cover

As part of our agile organisational mode, we launched a dedicated Business unit for personal protection cover, whose aim is to improve efficiency and reactivity for our clients. We use a specialised digital pathway for personal protection cover, co-developed with our clients in order to refine and perfect the tools of tomorrow. To launch this new business activity, Cbp took the decision to establish a dedicated team for the project. We encourage creativity and innovation by leaving room for independent navigation in the “Personal Protection Cover” unit. Of course, being independent does not mean working alone. On the contrary – we capitalise on the expertise and astute investments of the wider Cbp group.

Beyond the confidence placed in us by Cbp, the key factor in our success is the human element. Building a team dedicated to personal protection cover allows us to remain both resistant and agile in the face of change and innovation. We use methods such as design thinking in order to improve efficiency and get as close as possible to the client’s user experience. The diversity of profiles, talents and personalities within the team enhances our agility and ability to adapt at each stage of the project, with everything built on a foundation of recognised expertise.

European Expertise

For several years, Cbp has been working on Personal Protection cover products in Europe. As such, we have been able to capitalize on feedback from user experiences. We have the skills to support our international partners all across Europe (due in large part to our multilingual teams) and to follow their operations into new countries in order to develop their business activities and consolidate our partnership. We also adapt each business activity based on applicable regulatory constraints.

Our affiliates are a source of permanent inspiration, and we aim to inspire them just as much!

“10 years ago, as Cbp was developing its Creditor Protection Insurance model on an international level, Personal Protection Cover quickly and naturally became a part of our range of products and services. It was key for us not to limit ourselves to one speciality product, but to demonstrate our ability to use innovation and quality management to extend our expertise. Since the creation of the Personal Protection Cover BU within the Cbp insurance range, a number of synergies have arisen, both in terms of commercial development as well as in sales and management operations. The initial trials have been conclusively positive, bolstered by a varied range of international talents, and so I am extremely optimistic about Cbp’s potential to become a key name in European personal protection cover.” Eric Lasaygues,  Member of the Directorate for Actuarial Services and International Affairs

Our core business activity is our customers’ needs! Whether this refers to business partners or end users, our specialised management process is based around a customer-oriented vision.”

After an initial study phase, our advisory service allows users to design and provide adapted solutions. We experience major demand for support services from insurance distributors, particularly regarding their role as advisers during the sales process, but also for the entirety of processes used to modernise the distribution of personal protection coverage via front-office tools. Our comprehensive knowledge of markets and regulation facilitates the provision of perfectly-adapted business tools. Our tools’ open structure means simplified connection without requiring any development of the distributor’s IT network.

Cbp is a booster for personal protection cover!” says Laurent Monarque, Manager of the Business Unit.