Creditor Protection Insurance

1An expert in creditor protection insurance for over 25 years, Cbp provides its partners with a fully-digital and personalised customer pathway. Our experience and knowledge of the market enhances our business agility and allows us to respond to the specific needs of all our users.


Cross-channel, multi-insurer digital services

As a pioneering force in online loan protection insurance management, we have been able to innovate and create tailored solutions to create links between insurers, distributors and policy holders.

Our tools are designed as “Plug and Play” solutions, and enable data to be processed at a variable volumetric rate. We are also able to develop tailor-made tools for greater data volumes.

The “Plug and Play” service operates via a simple network connection, without requiring our partners to increase their IT data flow systems. These systems are rising in popularity, and offer support to new distributors in the loan insurance market with limited IT investment.

All are tools can be adapted to fit our partners’ colour schemes.

Our digital pathway meets the needs of:

  • distributors – with our tool, the distributor only has to enter the information about their client’s project once. Unique in its field, this front office sales enhancement tool also makes an online rate calculator available to the user, combining a panel of offers from multiple insurers and allowing them to compare both group and individual contracts.
  • insurers – We also provide insurers with an extranet that allows them to make decisions in real time and carry out remote audits.
  • policyholders – insurance holders can use their personal policyholder zone to validate acceptance of the contract, manage and monitor their insurance policy and file claims.

With our range of tools, policyholders can now fill out their health forms online using their computer, tablet or smartphone, either at an agency or at home. Each file is assessed in real time, and if accepted the customer receives a message on their phone.


Putting users at the heart of our design process

The end user is at the heart of our considerations, whether this means an insurer, policy distributor or policyholder. Cbp engages actively with each of these end users in order to create product, management or technological solutions that meet market needs, using a client-centred strategy known as the Ux process.

In 2017, Cbp opened its Innovation Factory: a workplace laboratory to promote creativity and the development of IT projects. Employees can suggest ideas, and if accepted these are rapidly given full-scale testing in order to verify their effectiveness before entering the development phase.

Commissioned by our partners, we provide support and guidance for policyholders throughout the duration of their insurance contract. Making sure they have access to a simple, fast and ergonomic digital tool is our daily challenge.