From the moment a new partnership is established, we make contractual commitments to various performance criteria, such as processing deadlines, the quality of our responses to policyholders, and compliance with data protection requirements. This contractual engagement allows the Cbp group to work with the largest insurers on the market, as well as with many widely-known insurance distributors (banks, brokers, major retailers, financial organisations, etc.)

  • Maintaining our commitments via strict internal deadlines
  • Tools developed specifically to manage substantial volumes, ensuring confidentiality and meeting data protection requirements;
  • Real-time business navigation;
  • Transactions occurring prior to the release of funds are processed by a dedicated team within 48 hrs.(modifications made before the loan is set up are processed within 48hrs);
  • Opening a claim file is done within 48hrs and once validated, the claim payment is made within 48hrs;
  • Medical checks carried out within 48 – 72 hours for aggravated risks;
  • The policyholder is informed in real time by text message (SMS) of the approval of his/her claim;
  • A commitment to rapid responsiveness, including for aggravated risks, via direct connection between doctors and the re-insurance provider.