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As a management centre commissioned by our partners (insurers and policy providers), our business activities are focused on providing support and guidance for policyholders: from the initial application throughout the duration of the insurance contract (loan protection or personal protection cover). Our role as an intermediary requires us to apply contractual decisions (as well as those taken by our partners) when assessing files. Our Customer Services department is centred towards policyholders. To achieve this, Cbp relies on a qualified and specialised team capable of responding rapidly to customer queries and expectations. Every file is unique, and is treated as such.

Various teams specialise in each stage of the client process: from quote to policy signature, from the risk selection phase to the management of any potential claims. Cbp keeps its partners updated through every step that relates to the policyholder. Where necessary, they can get involved using our partner digital pathway.

Our aim: deliver the best quality service to policyholders.

Cbp imposes quality commitments by regularly auditing its specialists through both internal and external assessments. We are also subject to audits by our partners; regulation and compliance with industry standards are essential in our line of business.

Proud of our teams and our focused Customer Service values

  • Risk assessment brings together 100 specialists in France (20 overseas) to process entire files within 48 hrs;
  • After-sales services is composed of 40 employees in France (10 overseas) setting up the collection processes. This major step requires a great deal of responsiveness from the teams because payments are relevant to the types of finance:
  • Claim processing is managed by a team of 155 staff in France (40 overseas) who assist the policyholder through the whole claim process. A website is also available to the policyholder to allow them follow their file;
  • The call centre has 90 advisors (15 overseas) responding to policyholders to assist them and offer solutions suited to their personal circumstances. This work is carried out by dynamic teams available from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 18h00 (only France) and on Saturday from 8h30 to 13h00 by phone or email.


Our teams are qualified to answer any of your questions about the clauses or application conditions of your policy.

If, despite our efforts, problems should arise, you can submit a complaint by contacting complaint services:

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Cbp commits to acknowledging your query within ten working days from the date of reception and will answer you within a maximum of two months.

If the answers you receive are not to your satisfaction, you could contact the insurer.

Contract details are shown on the insurance policy confirmation you received, but we can also provide you with these details if you request them.