Press release – Financière CEP Group

Financiere CEP Group achieved in 2017 a sales revenue pro forma under banner of 307 million euros. The consolidated net sales revenue of the Group rose at 222.2 million euros, increasing by 15.4% compared to 2016 while the Group EBITDA improved by 8.1% to reach 115.7 million euros.

These results express the increase of the activity of the two business units of Financiere CEP group: the  Insurance Brokerage business unit around Cbp Group and the Credit Brokerage business unit around Compagnie Européenne de Crédit.

In 2017, Financiere CEP Group has actively pursued the strategic orientations begun in 2016 and has:
• combined external growth operations and organic growth of all its establishments in Europe in order to
diversify its sources of income;
• promoted or hired directors within its Insurance Brokerage and Credit Brokerage business units whose
organizations have been optimized;
• invested and innovated in its information systems, its tools and digital processes.

At the end of 2017, the Group relies on 2,000 experts, of which 1,160 employees spread in France for 85% and  in the rest of Europe for 15%, 66% within the Insurance Brokerage business unit and 33% within the Credit Brokerage business unit.

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