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1. Website edition and publication :

Cbp France

  • Company incorporated under the laws of France with a capital of € 1,245,540 registered at the Registry of the Commercial Court of PARIS under No. 433 841 285,
  • Insurance brokerage company registered at ORIAS under No. 07 009 023,
  • Headquartered at 3 rue Victor Schoelcher – Bâtiments E et F 44800 Saint Herblain, FRANCE
  • Represented by Mr Stéphane SOUDEIX, acting as president.
  • Director of publishing:  Stéphane SOUDEIX.
  • Photo credits: Marketing and communication services,,

2. Website design and creation :


  • 489 600 783 R.C.S. RENNES
  • Head Office: 48 rue Paul Langevin – 35200 RENNES – FRANCE



  • 24 564 532 R.C.S. NANTERRE
  • Head office : Paroi Nord de la Grande Arche – 1 parvis de la Défense – 92044 Paris la Défense Cedex
  • Tel : +33 1 80 400 500

4. Website security

To safeguard this website and allow everyone to access it, this website uses software programs to control website traffic, to identify non-authorized attempts to connect or to change information, or any other action that may cause other damages.

Unauthorized actions to load or change information, intended to cause damage or generally any other attack on the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of this site are strictly forbidden and shall be pursued under the French penal code. Thus, article 323-1 of the French penal code states that accessing or fraudulent access to all or any part of an automated data processing system (as is the case with an Internet website) is punishable with two years prison and a €60,000 fine. Article 323-3 of the same French penal code states that introducing fraudulent data into an automated data processing system or to suppress or fraudulently alter the data it contains is punishable with five years prison and a €150,000 fine.

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