Why joining Cbp?


At Cbp, each employee is involved in a collective and collaborative adventure. The company’s aim is to put people at the centre of its organisational model, forging lasting relationships between staff members and promoting confidence, solidarity and teamwork. In order to provide balance between personal and working lives, Cbp offers staff variable working hours.


We support our new employees from the moment they arrive, through a welcome meeting with HR, a one-day “Introduction” module and the establishment of a training program in order to facilitate the integration of new employees into various Cbp departments. In order to train our staff in loan protection insurance and personal protection cover, we have created our own learning facility to provide professional training within the Cbp premises.

Training providers are experts in loan protection insurance and personal protection cover, supporting and guiding our staff by mixing theory and practice regarding the specific tools used in Cbp’s business activities. Depending on the role in question, training programs may last up to 5 weeks.

Revised annually, this training programme allows all employees to develop and improve their skills, and even to move into other roles.

For several years, managers have been supported in improving and developing their managerial talent, thanks to the implementation of various mechanisms: personall development tools, coaching, a group for exchanging best practices, and since 2015, the establishment of 2 management academies.


With our modern offices and bright, airy working spaces, the Cbp headquarters offer a very desirable workplace. Break areas and restaurant facilities are also available. Every year sees a new facility or advancement: the opening of the Cbp food truck, well-being rooms equipped for yoga or sophrology classes, the shared vegetable garden with picnic tables. Meanwhile, table football lovers can head to the 4th floor between the HR department and the Art Concourse. The Art Concourse is used for Cbp exhibitions, and highlights the talents of our employees as well as company projects and events. Showers are also provided for our more athletic employees, and a number of staff members regularly meet up for a midday jog around the Carrière lake. Finally, if you need help keeping track of all the activities on offer, a program schedule is displayed on TV monitors around the offices. As you can see, joining Cbp means joining a tribe in constant motion!



At Cbp we care not just about our people, but also about our shared environment – that’s why we’ve embarked on a program of CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility). Our aim is to underscore the value of the human factor both inside and outside the company, as an active participant engaged in a sustainable development approach. Sponsored by members of the executive board and the HR department, staff volunteers have implemented a number of different actions, such as: well-being week, disability awareness week, sporting and solidarity initiatives, controlling Cbp’s ecological footprint and the emergence of collaborative workshops.

We have made concrete gains, such as reducing our consumption of plastic cups (by 146,500 in less than a year) by handing out mugs to all our staff.  Together, we are working to make Cbp staff more aware of ecological issues via simple actions with high added value!

Following on from our beehives, an energy diagnostics report, and efforts to use greener travel methods, 2017 will be devoted to the theme of reducing our ecological footprint.

3 staff volunteers have already created an educational vegetable garden in the space between the two Cbp buildings. Waste sorting and recycling is another fundamental requirement stressed by collection agencies. Everybody is playing along, and we’re proud to be doing our part!

Finally, every year, Cbp also supports charity organisations and events through sponsorship. These include: Course Odyssea, the Gene Therapy Foundation, Tribu Cancer, Téléthon, Restos du Cœur (meals for the homeless), Pièces jaunes (children’s hospitals), supporting the Benoît Marie skipper, and many others.