About the company

Cbp is a subsidiary of the CEP Financial Group. Our headquarters are located just outside Nantes in the district of Saint-Herblain (44). With over 26 years of experience in loan protection insurance and personal pensions, we are now developing our business model throughout Europe.


We act as an intermediary between insurance brokers and insurance distributors (banks, credit companies, specialist agencies, major retailers, etc.), managing contracts for loan protection insurance and personal protection cover. As a contract management hub, our role focuses on providing support and guidance for the insurance holder throughout the duration of their policy. Through our various platforms and dedicated web services, we provide everyday support for our partners and insured parties, from the signing of an insurance contract through to the filing of a claim. Our tools have been specially designed in order to make everything as clear as possible for the policyholder, simplifying access to information and optimising our processing times.

With our unique and highly-regarded expertise, a vast majority of insurers and financial providers have entrusted us with their business, benefiting from our advisory role in order to find the solutions that are best adapted to their individual needs.


Our expert insurance teams are constantly working to conceive and create new contracts. The advisory and co-design phase of the process can be carried out as a joint project with your teams. Cbp offers a full range of services, from diagnostic assessment through to the roll-out of services via digital media, using specially-adapted technological tools. We have the capability to interface our simulation tools and member sign-up spaces directly onto your office workstations.

Our market knowledge, multi-disciplinary business activities and multi-distributor expertise allow Cbp to offer a fast “time to market*“, as well as providing contractual commitments. Agile organisational methods are a major asset for Cbp, particularly regarding real-time orientation of business activities and the various collaborative methods we employ.

*time frame for the launch of a product or service on the market


We navigate our business activities daily in order to anticipate demand from insurance holders. Our productivity and well-being indicators are overseen in a dedicated control room.

This method is broken down into four phases via a series of innovative collaborative methods, inspired by the concept of “agile” organisation (Kanban visual management, daily stand-up meetings, etc.) This form of business navigation allows employees to share their views. During dedicated time slots, everyone can escalate any information they want, and express how they feel things are currently going in their working area. Business performance is then evaluated and monitored via various parameters (workplace well-being, quality, etc.).

This method allows the teams to better understand the issues experienced by other departments, and thus gain a better understanding of their day-to-day work patterns. With this overview of the company, each team can predict instances of peak activity and assess the levels of workplace well-being being felt within each department.

“It’s impressive to see a company that is capable of self-assessment, and able to monitor project development across the whole company. Furthermore, it shows the level of rigour and the standards to which CBP complies, having now used this method for almost 2 years.” Christophe M., Cbp partner.


Our ambition: to establish ourselves as the leading name in loan protection insurance in continental Europe, and to diversify our product and service offerings.

What makes us different? The unfailing commitment of our teams, coupled with a desire for constant re-invention.